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Harvest Food Products

Harvest Food Products is a food manufacturer located in Hayward, California, which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company was founded in 1982 by a married couple and since 2001 has been run by their next generation: Danny Kha, Connie Kha, and Peter Kha.

Harvest produces food for popular brand names in the traditional grocery, club, institutional, and private label channels across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These foods are mostly appetizers and entrees, with a focus on niche consumer markets.

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Falcon Structures

Falcon Structures is an Austin-based provider of portable storage solutions and modified container solutions.  The company was founded in 2002 by former dot-com entrepreneurs Brian Dieringer and Stephen Shang. 

Falcon leases portable shipping containers to customers in a variety of industries and repurposes shipping containers into offices, cool boxes, living boxes, training structures and other functional spaces. These products are used for oil field village buildings, military training, and excess retail storage, amongst a variety of other uses.

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Cedar Concepts

Cedar Concepts is a Chicago-based chemical manufacturer.  The company was founded in 1991 and acquired by its current CEO Linda Boasmond in 2005.  Under Linda’s guidance, Cedar has more than doubled its sales, currently employs 30 people and ships over 50 million pounds of product annually to many Fortune 500 corporations.

Cedar manufactures surfactants, lubricants and chemical intermediates for use in a wide variety of personal-care, household, industrial and agricultural products. Most of these products are marketed by multi-national corporations under popular brand names for shampoo, conditioners, and lotions, amongst others. 

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The Project Realize


As beneficiaries of our great American economic system, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to give back and help grow another great American company to its full potential.

How It Works

After companies apply for our program, they are interviewed and selected based on various criteria. Our team then works with the selected companies for 1-3 years on strategy development and operational improvements. The goal is to help those companies realize their full operational and financial performance potential.

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Project Realize is currently engaged with Falcon Containers full-time and Cedar Concepts in an advisory capacity. Falcon, founded in 2002, is an Austin-based provider of portable storage solutions and modified container solutions.  Cedar, founded in 1991, is a Chicago-based chemical manufacturer.

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The Founder

Robert F. Smith, Founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, one of the world's leading private equity firms, founded Project Realize in the Fall of 2010. Vista Equity Partners has delivered outstanding investment results to its investors for over ten years.

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