About Project Realize

Robert F. Smith, Founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, founded Project Realize in the Fall of 2010 to test the hypothesis that successful businesses need access to human capital for continued development and growth.

Vista is a leading private equity firm with $14 billion in cumulative capital commitments and has achieved stellar performance by transforming companies through the implemention of specific operational improvements. Vista portfolio companies continue to greatly outperform the vast majority of their industry peers in every significant financial measure.

Vista brings that same structure to Project Realize, which is focused on selecting companies that can benefit from being "adopted" by Vista. The businesses that we select will be led by exceptional individuals with an established company culture that serve as a stabilizing force regardless of how the winds blow.

Vista will work closely with the leadership of the adopted company to help them understand and implement Vista’s key performance indicators that drive a company towards exponential growth and stellar financial performance. For each adopted company we will provide an executive-on-loan to assist with the implementation of our business intelligence systems so that the business and its leaders can stay focused on delivering its core competencies while these critical business systems are implemented.

Project Realize welcomes applications from all types of process-oriented businesss. For us, the focus is on the adopted company:

  • What is at its core?
  • What is its vision and commitment to serving the marketplace and its community?
  • What has been its track record for thriving in spite of everything that has been placed in its path?

By helping the adopted company reach its full potential, Vista impacts its hiring, financial growth and, most importantly, its ability to be a stabilizing and nurturing force within its community.

Project Realize is much more than simply creating a healthy balance sheet. It is about creating those ripples of hope that can change families and present a vision of tomorrow that inspires all to become their very best selves.


  • Chicago, IL –Launched January 2011
  • Austin, TX – Launched October 2013
  • San Francisco, CA – Launched March 2015


  • Company must be based in the areas of Chicago, Austin or San Francisco
  • Company must be operating for at least 3 years prior to application date
  • Company should have approximately $10 million to $30 million of revenue

Please, no telephone calls. Questions may be emailed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The Project Realize


As beneficiaries of our great American economic system, we feel that it is incumbent upon us to give back and help grow another great American company to its full potential.

How It Works

After companies apply for our program, they are interviewed and selected based on various criteria. Our team then works with the selected companies for 1-3 years on strategy development and operational improvements. The goal is to help those companies realize their full operational and financial performance potential.

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Project Realize is currently engaged with Falcon Containers full-time and Cedar Concepts in an advisory capacity. Falcon, founded in 2002, is an Austin-based provider of portable storage solutions and modified container solutions.  Cedar, founded in 1991, is a Chicago-based chemical manufacturer.

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The Founder

Robert F. Smith, Founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, one of the world's leading private equity firms, founded Project Realize in the Fall of 2010. Vista Equity Partners has delivered outstanding investment results to its investors for over ten years.

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